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Online Shopping - Desktop or Mobile? Your most preferred option

Which are your go-to websites/apps for online shopping?(Clothing/Footwear/Accessories)

Fashion Marketplaces like Myntra, Jabong, Amazon or Private labels like FabAlley, StalkBuyLove etc
Major problem you face while shopping online?

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Offline Shopping - You usually shop at

Offline Shopping - Major problem

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Do you use any product discovery sites/app to find unique products?

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Where do you get the fashion inspirations from? *

If there is a dedicated social network for fashion trends and shopping..would you use it? *

Have you ever felt like, you see a perfect dress on your facebook timeline or on a magazine and wished you would know where you can buy it? *

If there an app which can help you track and buy that dress, Would you use it? *

Which name would you prefer for a Fashion curation platform? *

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